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Wacky Action: Sword Slicing Leonardo
Wacky Action: Sword Slicing Leonardo  Wacky Action: Sword Slicing Leonardo  Wacky Action: Sword Slicing Leonardo
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BACKGROUND: Released in 1990, available in 1991, discontinued in 1992. Sword Slicing Leo is 1 in a series of 7. Also Included were Slice n' Dice Shredder, Creepy Crawlin' Splinter, Wacky Walkin' Mouser, Rock n' Roll Michaelangelo, Sewer Swimmin' Donnatello, and Breakfightin' Raphael. Leonardo was released in wave 2 of the Wacky Action series.

ACCESSORIES: Menacing Mace, Silly Sword, Wacky Whip

REVIEW: The weird thing about this toy is that he was released separately from the other Turtles. Wacky Walkin' Mouser took his place in series 1, and when the line did well, they released Leonardo in series 2 along with Shredder and Splinter. This toy has a wind up arm gimmick: by winding up the power knob on Leonardo's side, Leonardo's left arm moves up and down. This gives him his Sword Slicing ability. This toy would have been a lot cooler if his face looked more menacing. Leonardo's face looks like the face in TMNT the movie, when Shredder steps on him in the rooftop battle. The wind up action is a great gimmick to the toy, and since he was the second Leonardo figure made, he is also somewhat valuable. If you have a chance to snatch up this guy for under $15 go for it!