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TMNT Fanfics

Read a variety of TMNT-related stories and poems submitted by fans.

The Shredder is BornOroku Saki embarks on a perilous journey in his quest for power. Read about his transformation into the Shredder in this epic tale.
*Contains some mature themes*
n/aType 97 Chi-ha
Two on the RoofThe Turtles face off in an emotional final battle against their greatest enemy, Shredder.
*Not for readers sensitive to violence*
n/aEddie Smock
UntitledA poem dedicated to the Turtles.n/aDave Hewes
Angel in Glistening ArmorA poem dedicated to Shredder.n/aLiuKangChick
The Exile of KrangRead about the interesting details behind Krang's life in and banishment from Dimension X.n/aGary Destruction
Shredder's RevengeWhat if Shredder won for once? This dark tale illustrates just how evil TMNT's main villain can be.
*Not for readers sensitive to violence*
The Secrets of Pro Wrestling ExposedThe TMNT, Battletoads, and friends describe in their own words some of the "secrets" of pro wrestling.5Scott Oliverson
Sister, Where Forth Art ThouMichaelangelo reminisces about his sister on the five-year anniversary of her disappearance.n/aStreetwyse
The Haunted MansionTMNT's Shredder, Baxter, and Krang unite with Jackie Chan Adventure villains Valmont and Black Tiger to experience a terrifying night trapped inside a haunted house.5Scott Oliverson
The Happiest Place On EarthThe Turtles unite with characters from Jackie Chan Adventures to rescue Leonardo and DisneyLand from a Syndicate of bad guys from both shows.11Scott Oliverson
Long HolidayAlone on a stormy night, a troubled Raphael is forced to confront his emotions.n/aMarl
Burnt IceA female turtle named Aeval struggles to discover her past.18Aeval Camara
What is your favorite way to enjoy your TMNT fandom?
Watching the TV shows/movies
253 Votes 50%
Reading the comics
102 Votes 20.2%
Creating TMNT fan works
20 Votes 4%
Collecting TMNT merchandise
76 Votes 15%
Interacting with other TMNT fans
17 Votes 3.4%
Playing TMNT games
38 Votes 7.5%
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