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Turtleflage Leo's Camo Blitz Cycle
Turtleflage Leo's Camo Blitz Cycle  Turtleflage Leo's Camo Blitz Cycle
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BACKGROUND: Released in 1997, discontinued in 1998. Turtleflage Leo's Camo Blitz Cycle was 1 in a series of 2. Also released was Turtleflage Don's Camo Hydro Skimmer. These two cycles are pretty rare.

ACCESSORIES: Turtleflage Leo

REVIEW: Wow, a red and yellow Turtle, that's always appealing... Actually this toy is pretty cool. Leo has the same rubber feel skin like the original Next Mutation figure has, and he comes with a cool futuristic bike that even shoots a missle. If you look closely on the figure (you probably won't see it in the pictures) he has zipper details. They're pretty small, but are a nice touch, so that you know Leo is wearing a suit, and this is not his skin color! :-) Overall, this is a nice toy, a good idea, and a fun toy to just play with.

OVERALL: 9.5/10 (it's those colors that mark it down a little)