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Knock Off Raphael and Donatello
Knock Off Raphael and Donatello  Knock Off Raphael and Donatello  Knock Off Raphael and Donatello
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BACKGROUND: Purchased by my friends back in the early 90's, there's not a lot known about these guys. When asked about them and if there were other characters, they said that Don and Raph were the only ones. They came with accessories but my friends threw them out since they didn't fit in the hands.


REVIEW: This has got to be the coolest knock off ever made! They resemble the original Turtles from series 1, but are their own molds! When you press their belt they yell "Cowabunga!" The toys are very fragile, and I can tell my old friends didn't play with them since they were not broken, but when they gave them to me when I was about 7 or 8, Raphael lost his arm, and when I got gerbils a few years ago, they escaped and chewed off Don's hand. Now I know not to put my toys next to the gerbil tank. Thank God he was the only toy they got to. They are some of the coolest knock off's ever, and if anyone knows more about them - like if Leo and Mike were also released - please email me at

OVERALL: 9/10 (that's great for knock offs)