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Dino TMNT: Ankyl Leo
Dino TMNT: Ankyl Leo  Dino TMNT: Ankyl Leo
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BACKGROUND: Released in 1997, Available in 1998, and Discontinued in 1999. Ankyl Leo was 1 in a series of 5. Also Included were Tricera Mike, Pterano Don, Stego Raph, and Tyranno Shredder.

ACCESSORIES: Flatbone Katana, Ankyl Club, Overhand Obsidian-Tipped Spear.

REVIEW: These guys were nothing special, another TMNT toy run to revive the line that didn't work. You may be able to still find these guys in the $5 or less bin at Kay-Bee toys. Leo had a button on the back of his shell that when pressed would lash his out his arm in a chopping action. Nothing to be really excited about, but would be cool if you could still pick them up at Kay-Bee.