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Coil Force: Lickety Split Leonardo
Coil Force: Lickety Split Leonardo  Coil Force: Lickety Split Leonardo
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BACKGROUND: Released in 1996 Discontinued in 1997. Lickety Split Leonardo is 1 in a series of 4. Also included were Rapid Recoilin' Raph, Coil Cool Don, and Mighty Mech Mike.

ACCESSORIES: Shredder Shreddin' Shogun Stars, Loppin' Long Sword, Kickn' Katanas.

REVIEW: This is what a Ninja Turtle would look like if he was on steroids. The bad thing about this series was that all the Turtles were the same mold just painted different. If there were Image comic Turtle toys this is what they would look like. This is the same idea that was used for the Ronin series by Playmates. If you want your toys to arm wrestle then this is the series for you, they have interlocking hands!

OVERALL: 7.5/10