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Supermutant Leonardo
Supermutant Leonardo
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BACKGROUND: Released in 1994, Discontinued in 1995. Supermutant Leo was 1 in a series of 8. Also released were Supermutant Rocksteady, Supermutant Bebop, Supermutant Shredder, Supermutant Mike, Supermutant Raph, Supermutant Don, and Supermutant Splinter.


REVIEW: This guy just plain kicks ass. I believe it's the Japanese version of the Turtles, these guys just look really cool. I'm not into all the Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon stuff, but that's what these Turtles look like. I believe the term is anime. Any fans of the Turtles have to get at least 1 Turtle, and if you're lucky enough to find anyone else I would do so. I got this Leo when I was little, and back then I wondered why anyone would want this stuff. I think the toy looks cool, it's just that it doesn't really look like a Ninja Turtle. Now I turn to Fox on Saturday and it's full of cartoons like this. I recommend this figure because it's a positive change, but if you're a fan of the real Ninja Turtles, I recommend the original line.