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Sumo Michaelangelo
Sumo Michaelangelo  Sumo Michaelangelo
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BACKGROUND: Released in 1995, Discontinued in 1996. Sumo Michaelangelo is 1 in a series of 2. Also included was Sumo Raphael.

ACCESSORIES: Wacky Wooden Sumo Sandals, Hard Lard Nunchaku, Sumo Mace, Gold Metallized Kowabunga Collector's Coin.

REVIEW: Sumo Mike is a pretty funny looking toy. The hair twirling gimmick is pretty neat too, and if you don't like it just pull the hair out, it's removable. The toy is good quality, but the idea is lacking. You can tell this was one of the Turtles' desperate grasps for revival. It was also packaged on the card that the reissue Turtles are packaged on. It was a good buy for $5 back in the day, but it's not worth much more than that. If you have the chance to pick this guy up, go ahead, but even though he's rare I wouldn't pay much more than $10 for him.

OVERALL: 6.5/10