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Raphael  Raphael
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BACKGROUND: Raphael was released in 1988, available in 1989, and discontinued in 1990. There was 1 variation, Raphael (along with the other 4 Turtles) was originally released with a fan club order form and soft head. The soft head was changed in 1988 to a hard head, and the fan club order form was removed. Thus making the soft headed Turtles more "rare". Raphael was 1 in a series of 10. Also released were Donatello, Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Splinter, April O'Neil, Shredder, Bebop, Rocksteady, and Foot Soldier.

ACCESSORIES: Sai, Turtle Fist Daggers, Ninja Stars, Kama

REVIEW: How could anybody not like the first Ninja Turtles? The first series was incredibly great and sells well on eBay. Raphael is no exception. Raph's toy is a little different in a few ways from the rest of the Turtles. Unlike the other Turtles, both his feet are flat, his head is different, and his skin color is different. The Raphael artwork on the card brings back a lot of memories for me. The illustrated story on the back of the card is very nice, too. If you have never bought a Turtle toy before, the first series is the best place to start. And who can resist the bad boy Turtle of the group?

OVERALL: 10/10