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Next Mutation Leonardo
Next Mutation Leonardo
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BACKGROUND: Next Mutation Leonardo was released in 1997 and discontinued in 1998. Leonardo was alse released in a Kay-Bee exclusive 4 pack in 1997. Leonardo was 1 in a series of 10. Also released were Michaelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, Splinter, Shredder, Elite Guard, Rank Warrior, Dragon Lord, and, of course, Venus.

ACCESSORIES: Dual Action Katana Swords, Batterin' Boomerang, Infrared Rifle, Puncture Perfect Pistola

REVIEW: These were some of the best TMNT figures. Leonardo had a rubber skin feel, similar to the Movie Star Turtles, but stronger. He came with some weird accessories (like always), that were also plentiful (like always). This series contained the last normal Ninja Turtle figures (normal means no gimmicks, just a plain Turtle). This was one of the last sculpted Leonardo figures. The only Turtles after it were the Turtleflage, and reissue Turtles. This version of Leonardo is a must have. Anyone who likes Leonardo should have this version. If you like Mike, Raph, or Don, I recommend getting those too. The rest of the figures in the series are just "blah" though. Maybe someday I'll pick up a Venus, key word being maybe.

OVERALL: 10/10