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Mutations: Mutatin' Leonardo
Mutations: Mutatin' Leonardo  Mutations: Mutatin' Leonardo  Mutations: Mutatin' Leonardo
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BACKGROUND: Released in 1992, Available in 1993, Discontinued in 1994. Rereleased in different packaging in 1997-98. Leonardo was 1 in a series of 7. Also included were Mutatin' Raph, Don, Mike, Rocksteady, Bebop, and Splinter.

ACCESSORIES: Mind-bending Katanas, Pizza Toppin' 'n Tossin' Ninja Star, Retromutagen Ooze Canister, and Pet Turtle Food Can.

REVIEW: One of the coolest ideas ever, transforming Turtles! From baby turtle to mutated Ninja Turtle, this was one of the coolest toys ever. Everything transformed: the swords, the ninja star, the turtle. Leonardo's face resembled the first series Leonardo face, which was really cool, but scared looking. If you're lucky you might be able to find some at Kay-Bee. This series did so good, it spawned another wave including April and Shredder, transforming Turtles into cars, and construction vehicles, and night ninja transforming Turtles. One of the coolest Turtle toys ever!

OVERALL: 10/10