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Movie Star Leo
Movie Star Leo
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Note: The one shown in the pic is the original, not that it makes a difference.

BACKGROUND: Released in 1991, available in 1992, discontinued in 1993. Rereleased in 1995, available in 1996, discontinued in 1997. NOTE: There were differences between the rerelease and the original. The rerelease had pink and blue colored pegs (where the arms and legs connect), whereas the original had brown. Movie Star Leo was 1 in a series of 4. Also available were Movie Star Mike, Don, and Raph.

ACCESSORIES: Foot Bopper, 2 on Cue Katana Blades, Movie time manhole cover, 2 ninja stars, I win you ooze canister, Bodacious belt.

REVIEW: There is no difference in molds between the reissue and rerelease. Movie Star Leo is one of the greatest Leonardo's and series in the TMNT. The hottest selling Turtles on eBay are the movie stars. They have realistic feeling skin, removable limbs, and look so darn cool. That's probably why everyone wants them. They can fetch up to $20 on international backing cards, which are bilingual and messier looking than the American cards. I suggest picking up Leo if you can, even if you don't like his facial expression.

OVERALL: 10/10