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Mutant Masters: Leonardo Wind Warrior
Mutant Masters: Leonardo Wind Warrior  Mutant Masters: Leonardo Wind Warrior
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BACKGROUND: Released in 1997, Discontinued in 1998. Extremely Rare. Leonardo Wind Warrior was 1 in a series of 4. Also included were Raphael Fire Warrior, Donatello Water Warrior, and Michaelangelo Thunder Warrior.

ACCESSORIES: Pulverizing Power Shield, Storm Crown, Forearm Armor, Wind Whippin' Wings, Hurricane PowerPack, Super Storm Sword and Sheath

REVIEW: This is one of the coolest Turtle figs in the history of the TMNT toy universe. Playmates really tried to stay in the Turtle toy business, and did a really good job on these toys, but the lack of a TV show really brought the sales down. If this line was their top priority, they might be still going, but the Dino Mutants and other lines killed it. You probably won't see these guys around, but if you do this is a good buy. There are lots of accessories, so I would assume it's pretty hard to find a complete set of loose parts. This toy was a really neat idea, too bad it was so rare.

OVERALL: 10/10