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Krang's Android Body
Krang's Android Body  Krang's Android Body
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BACKGROUND: Released in 1991, available in 1992, and discontinued in 1993. Krang's Android Body was a boxed accesory.

ACCESSORIES: Krang Action Figure Included.

REVIEW: Krang's Android body is really cool, who wouldn't want the evil bad guy's new body? Plus this guy comes with a Krang figure included so you don't have to go looking for that original Krang. The figure has great colorful detail, but lacks articulation. This toy could be considered a part of the Giant Turtle series, but this toy was made before the scaled version. A little big considering the Turtles were almost the same height, but cool if you want to reenact that scene where Krang becomes a giant in the cartoon. Only flaw is it's way too big at 11"!

OVERALL: 8.5/10