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Cyber Samurai Leo
Cyber Samurai Leo  Cyber Samurai Leo
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BACKGROUND: Cyber Samurai Leo was released in 1994, available in 1995, and discontinued in 1996. Cyber Samurai Leo was 1 in a series of 6. Also available were Cyber Samurai Don, Cyber Samurai Mike, Cyber Samurai Raph, Cyber Samurai Shredder, and Cyber Samurai Bebop.

ACCESSORIES: Cyber Samurai Battle Katana, Spring Launchin' Fusion Fists, Spring Launchin' Laser Missle

REVIEW: This was a pretty cool series. The spring loading fists was a cool gimmick, and the removable face plates were awesome. Also seen in the Archie Comics, the Cyber Samurai series had armor faceplates, with different kibble (kibble is a term for excess armor and such hanging off the action figure) on their heads. Don't worry about losing a fist, they made the toy to look like his real hands are holding the fists (see the second picture for what I'm talking about). Overall, these guys don't have many flaws, except for the weird "kibble". Oh my gosh, they're Turtles in disguise!

OVERALL: 8.5/10