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Ace Duck
Ace Duck  Ace Duck
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BACKGROUND: Released in 1989, available in 1990, and discontinued in 1991. Ace Duck was released in wave 2 of series 1. Genghis Frog, Krang, and Baxter Stockman were released in the same set.

ACCESSORIES: Service .45 pistol, Weapons Belt w/ Egg Grenades, Removable Pilot's Cap, Plug in Duck Wings

REVIEW: Ace Duck is probably the weirdo of series 1, and probably the whole Ninja Turtle line. Instead of having up and down arms like the rest of the figures he was packed with, Ace Duck had ball jointed arms. He was also one of the only TMNT figures to have a realistic gun. Ace Duck's toy is one of the greatest of the TMNT line, it's just odd that he didn't appear in the television show like all the other guys after him. I may be wrong, but I never saw him in the show. Ace Duck was probably the most posable of the first series. The only drawback is his belt isn't very good, and what's with the wings (not shown in pictures)?

OVERALL: 8.5/10