October 2000

News Tidbits
Posted Sunday, October 29, 2000, 11:22 PM CST by Krang
Just a few things to mention...

Faster Madlibs
Posted Wednesday, October 25, 2000, 7:09 PM CDT by Krang
I rewrote the Madlibs scripts to make them smaller, so they should load a bit faster now. The content in the Madlibs hasn't changed, just the scripts used to display them. If you experience any errors with the Madlibs, let me know.

TMNT Fanfic Archive back up!
Posted Thursday, October 19, 2000, 10:35 PM CDT by Krang
The TMNT Fanfic Archive is now back up with a new staff and at a new location. Be sure to check it out! BTW, the button to the left now points to the correct location of the Archive.

New Banners
Posted Wednesday, October 18, 2000, 6:09 PM CDT by Krang
I made a couple of banners that you can use to link to our site. I also put up a page for the banners (and all future banners) with instructions for linking to our site. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think.

Video Clips section temporarily removed
Posted Monday, October 16, 2000, 4:19 PM CDT by Krang
I temporarily removed the link to the video clips section until we can get some video clips up. I'll try to have them up in about a month.

New Sound
Posted Saturday, October 14, 2000, 5:11 PM CDT by Krang
I put up the TMNT cartoon theme today. Be sure to visit the Sounds Page to listen to it.

Posted Wednesday, October 11, 2000, 6:15 PM CDT by Krang
I received this email from a TMNT fan who needs help finding TMNT costumes. If you can help her, either email me and I will forward it to her or email her directly.

Hello, I'm a turtles fan and I love your site, and I was hoping you could help me. I'm a freshmen at California High School, and we are currently working on our float for homecoming. Our float is the ninja turtles, and for the people who are on the float we desperately need costumes (the 4 turtles, shredder, splinter, april).

New Poll
Posted Monday, October 9, 2000, 9:42 PM CDT by Krang
I also put up a new poll today. I figured that since we now have random Krang quotes in addition to Shredder quotes, it would be appropriate to ask who has the most memorable quotes. I also added Bebop and Rocksteady as possible choices, and tossed a few good guys in there, too. BTW, according to the last poll, Raphael was the most popular choice for your favorite of the TMNT, followed closely by Michaelangelo. You can see the full results for the last poll (and all other past polls) here.

Partial redesign of main page
Posted Monday, October 9, 2000, 6:32 PM CDT by Krang
As you probably noticed, I moved a few sections around on the main page. I moved the poll nearer to the top and put the links to the previous polls on a separate page. Also, the updates have been moved here to the main page. It's much easier to post updates now and besides, there wasn't much on the main page before anyway... Let me know what you think by emailing me or posting a message on the message board.

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