August 2001

Posted Tuesday, August 28, 2001, 7:39 PM CDT by Krang
Our counter recently hit #30,000! By the way, I replaced the old counter recently with a new PHP/MySQL counter, so hopefully it won't reset itself anymore...

Miscellaneous Updates
Posted Sunday, August 19, 2001, 11:18 PM CDT by Krang
I made a few minor updates today. First, I moved the message board archives into their own section for archives (under the Miscellaneous section). I also moved the RPG character list into the new Archive section, since the inactive RPG didn't really belong in its own section anymore.

New Poll, Poll Results
Posted Thursday, August 2, 2001, 12:51 AM CDT by Krang
I put up a new poll for August/September today. The new poll asks which of the first five episodes is the best. Be sure to vote!

The results for the June/July poll are in! With 48 votes (31.6%), Metalhead was voted as your favorite TMNT robot. Chrome Dome came in second, with 29 votes (19.1%). There was a tie for third place, since Super Rocksteady/Mighty Bebop and the Mousers each got 26 votes (17.1%). For the full results of this poll and all of the previous polls, click the Previous Polls link below the current poll.

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