July 2002

New Technodrome Picture Contests!
Posted Saturday, July 27, 2002, 2:31 AM CDT by Shredder
Krang and I have introduced a new feature to the Technodrome: contests! In our Contests section, those of you who are creative will enjoy the caption contest, where you can write a funny caption for a TMNT cartoon picture! Or maybe you're more detail-oriented, in which case you might try to guess our Mystery Picture #1! Can you tell what it's a close-up of? Why not try them both? You can check out the Contest Section here! Email any feedback or suggestions for future contests to me or Krang. Enjoy!

TMNT Cartoon On DVD?
Posted Thursday, July 25, 2002, 4:10 AM CDT by Azure Turtle
DVDtoons has reported that Artisan Home Entertainment will be releasing a DVD of the ninja turtles cartoon sometime in 2003. However, there are no details on the DVD just yet. Make sure to read the full article for more information.

[Special thanks to TheShredder1 for the heads up]

Finally, a New Madlib! Plus Great New Fan Art!
Posted Monday, July 22, 2002, 1:36 AM CDT by Shredder
Well, I finally had time to write a new Madlib. In Baxter's Lab, you get to be Baxter Stockman's assistant as he works on his latest invention to impress Shredder. How it turns out is up to you! :-) Before I start on another one, I would really appreciate feedback on the Madlibs so I know what people like or don't like to see in them. Email me here.

Also, we uploaded four new fan drawings! Check out Tom Kyzivit's very cool Raphael art and RGB&TMNT4Ever's great illustrations of the cartoon version of the Turtles! You can find these and the rest of our fan art in our Fan Art section.

TMNT Get Mentioned In Wizard
Posted Monday, July 22, 2002, 1:21 AM CDT by Azure Turtle
In the latest edition of Wizard, the TMNT get a little exposure in three different sections.

Within an article entitled "Art Of War," there lies a small insert called "Quick Kicks." The new TMNT comic series is a part of that insert, along with Batgirl, Elektra, Iron Fist, and several others. Associate Editor, Andy Serwin, recommends the new TMNT series for having "plenty of high flyin' martial arts action in every ish!" (page 60)

TMNT Volume 4, Issue 1 is still on the top ten list of hottest selling back issues. This time, it slid down the list a few notches, landing the number seven spot. The comic is now estimated to go for around three dollars.

Wizard also created a top 100 list for best trade paperbacks of all time. TMNT: The Collected Book, Vol. 1, rests at the number 77 spot. G.I. Joe writer, Josh Blaylock, comments: "Ninja Turtles captured my imagination in junior high. Eastman and Laird made the Turtles feel like guys you'd hang out with. You wanted to go play video games and drink a sixer with Michelangelo, y'know?" (page 65)

Pick up Wizard #131 for more details and awesome articles.

[Source: Wizard #131, August 2002]

New Poll, Poll Results for June, New Sound Clips
Posted Monday, July 15, 2002, 7:33 PM CDT by Krang
The new poll for July is up! This new poll asks which of the TMNT movies is your favorite. Be sure to vote at the top of this page!

Also, the results for the June poll are in! Animation was voted as the best form of expression for the TMNT world with 203 votes (55%). Comics came in a distant second place with 75 votes (20%), and Live Action came in a close third with 69 votes (19%). For the full results of this poll and all other previous polls, click the Previous Polls link below the current poll.

I also put up three new sound clips. Check out our Sounds section to listen to them. Thanks to Andrew Morgan for sending them in!

Leonardo Statue Completed And TMNT Cartoon Airs In Kentucky!
Posted Monday, July 15, 2002, 3:40 AM CDT by Azure Turtle
Dan Berger has posted pictures and more details about this amazing Leonardo figurine. The statues will be sold at the San Diego Comic Convention that will take place in August. Mirage is currently trying to find a way for everyone to have a chance at buying a statue.

Dan Berger also reported that the old TMNT cartoon has begun airing in Kentucky! Here's what he said: "Fan info hotline! The original TMNT cartoon can be seen on WB Channel 20 at 7:00 AM weekdays in the Pineville, Kentucky area! Toon in if you're local!"

[Sources: Dan Berger & The Official TMNT Website]

Various TMNT Tidbits
Posted Wednesday, July 10, 2002, 5:01 AM CDT by Azure Turtle
TMNT # 4 should be readily available now. I stopped by a comic store to pick up my copy, and it's looking good. Make sure to get yours ASAP!

Are you a millionaire? If you said "yes," then you're qualified to buy some historic artwork. MetalTV reported that TMNT co-creator, Kevin Eastman, has decided to put his share of original TMNT art up for grabs. Sketches, pages, and layouts from the very first comic book are on sale...for one million dollars. Read the full article for all the details.
[Special thanks to MikeyQM & Ninjatron]

Fans in the UK rejoice! The old TMNT cartoon has begun airing once again. Make sure to check your local listings for the time and the channel.
[Special thanks to Vegita-San]

The cover art for the DVDs of TMNT II: Secret of the Ooze and TMNT III have been revealed. IGN.com has recently posted pictures of the DVD covers.
[Special thanks to Ninjatron]

The forums at Toonzone.net are in a buzz over the recent sketches by comic book artist, John Delaney. One of those sketches is none other than the popular TMNT villain, Shredder. Click here to see it.
[Special thanks to spooie]

80,000 Hits
Posted Tuesday, July 2, 2002, 12:30 AM CDT by Krang
Our counter just reached 80,000 hits! Thanks to all our visitors, and keep checking back for the latest updates.

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