May 2001

New Webring!
Posted Friday, May 18, 2001, 9:24 PM CDT by Krang
The Technodrome has recently joined The TMNT Union. Check out the new webring on our Webrings page.

Rearranged Image Sections, Weird Counter?
Posted Thursday, May 17, 2001, 10:07 PM CDT by Krang
Although I don't have any new images up yet, I moved all the images of Splinter and the TMNT from the rather large Miscellaneous section to their own section. Check out the Images page to see it!

Also, if you visited the site earlier today, you may have noticed that the counter was somewhere around 170. This happened because, for some reason, the counter data file got reset. I fixed the counter using the stats so now it should be accurate. Hopefully, this won't happen again...

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