The Night Before Christmas at the Technodrome
Shredder's parody of the classic Christmas poem "The Night Before Christmas" by Clement Clarke Moore.

Shredder 'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the 'Drome
Not a creature was stirring; we sent the Foot Soldiers home.
Rocksteady Ooh! Ooh! We wanna try!
"The hockings were stung by the chim-in-ney with care,
Bebop In hopes that the Bebop... would soon would be dere!"
Shredder Would you get out!


The mutants were beat up, I mean, nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of comics or something danced through their heads.

And me in my helmet and Krang in his walker
Just became aware of a possible stalker.

We heard a loud scraping sound in the left wing.
I went to a door and yelled, "Open this thing!"

I hurried as fast as I could through that door
Completely expecting to meet up with those four.

When what with my wondering eyes have I spied,
But my hated enemy Splinter climbing the side!

A large grappling hook bore deep in the steel
And he dug into the wall with his claws and his heels.

I yelled, "What are you doing?!" as my face grew much redder.
He called, "There you are! I'm here to finish this, Shredder!"

He turned and slid down, as my enemies came.
And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name;

"Michaelangelo! Donatello! Leonardo! Raphael!"
I groaned when I heard one say, "Let's kick some shell!"

They'd been crouching and waiting just out of sight
But I relished the chance to get into a fight!

I started with Leonardo in a one-on-one brawl,
I threw him into Donatello and both took a fall.

I held off Raphael, but soon felt a smack.
Splinter had hit me with a cane to the back!
JR Oh, the carnage!
Shredder I whirled around to attack the old rat,
But was hit by a nunchuck and sent sprawling flat.

I leapt to my feet, feeling vengeful and bold.
I threw a punch at Michaelangelo and knocked him out cold.

Next, Raphael came charging with sais.
I countered his attack and poked him in the eyes.

Leonardo was ready and sliced the air with his sword.
I hit a kick to his chin and down he was floored.

Donatello approached slowly, wielding his bo.
I twisted around and took him down with a throw.

I knew that the Turtles had much yet to learn.
I laughed at Splinter, saying, "Now it's your turn!"

We traded attacks and circled around.
A quick sweep from Splinter and my face met the ground.

I whirled around to get back in the fold.
And squeezed the old fool with a tight sleeper hold.

"I have you now!" I just had to shout.
He raised his right arm as if to tap out.

Just then from the left I felt a sharp sting.
He was holding the cane and jabbed me with the thing.

I let go of the sleeper and took hold of the staff.
I grabbed it away and then broke it in half.

I stood over him, laughing, my gauntlet poised high,
"It's over now, Splinter! I've won this! Goodbye!"

Before I could finish my long hated foe,
I looked up and I saw something starting to glow.

A portal was opening! It shone a light blue
And big enough to fit the whole Technodrome through!

Splinter rolled out of the way at my moment's distraction,
While Krang called through a speaker, "The plan is in action!"

Dimension X! Of course! The plan of the night!
Now the Turtles were standing and ready to fight...

The Technodrome was moving! I had run out of time!
I grabbed hold of the wall and started to climb.

"I will get you yet!" I turned back to call.
"Blast you! Blast you! Blast you all!"

Krang laughed and clapped his tentacles with glee.
"Good riddance to Earth and Merry Christmas to me!"

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