Two on the Roof





It’s a hot sticky summer's night in New York City. The usual engulfs the city: in Brooklyn an old lady gets mugged for the $33 she has in her purse, a crooked police officer takes a bribe from a drug dealer in then Bronx, all is quite on Wall Street while the late night shows are cheered for on Broadway. On this night though, one thing is happening that is not so usual. One unseen thing breaks the monotony only to the five of whom it involves and God. On the top of a building once used as a meat packing plant stands one man covered in sharp metal and four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

            The Shredder stands alone on the north side of the building while the Turtles stand in a half-football shape on the South side. The five of them already sweating, the heat, the fear, and the adrenaline surround and flow through them. Neither side has yet moved an inch, both standing in the stagnant weather staring into each others eyes trying desperately to know what the other is thinking.

            The Shredder has confidence along with fear. He knows he has been beaten before, but this time is different. The first time they had “the rat” with them who was more skilled, better trained, and a master. This is not so this time. The second time Splinter was not with them, “The second time was my own fault,” thinks the Shredder. “I was infused with ooze and was not thinking straight. I was in an uncontrollable rage when I brought that whole night club down on myself. This time they have no mentor and I am focused. I will win.”

            Leonardo thinks of all of his training and how he will lead his brothers into victory. Leonardo has the heaviest burden placed upon his shoulders as he has been chosen to pilot the four-mutant team. Ever fearful of failure, the thought of his father, Splinter,  keeps him going. The thought of Raphael’s brash temper is a source of constant worry in the leader’s mind.

            Raphael is ready, his left leg shaking in anticipation. The brother who brandishes the three-pronged weapons thinks only of the Shredder and how he will finish him once and for all: push him off of the building perhaps. No, not effective enough. They did it once and he survived. Perhaps a sai straight to his heart would be a better remedy to this can opener of a problem. No matter, the end result will come out during the fight, as long as he is the one to do it.

             Donatello is not one to show what his true feelings are, not because he is hard headed like Raphael or pensive like Leonardo, but because he is ashamed. The lifestyle of a hero just doesn’t suit him and never has, not as a fighter anyway. He stands wishing he could help in some other way. “What I wouldn’t do to be at home hacking into a mainframe or building a new invention to help my brothers fight better right now,” Donatello thinks to himself. He looks forward to finishing this battle and having a nice slice of pizza with his best friend, Mikey.

            Michaelangelo, always looking to have a good time, is doing just that. Sure he is nervous, but he is not one to give into any sort of emotion. He makes jokes to himself about how ridiculous the Shredder looks with his goofy helmet and long cape. He, like Raphael, is anxious to get started, however it is for a different reason. Michaelangelo wants to have some fun. He is tired of standing still. How can he just stand around and stare when so much fun is to be had. He makes the first move.

            Michaelangelo rushes toward the Shredder. Shredder immediately responds and readies himself in a fighting stance. Nunchucks flying in perfectly controlled motions, Michaelangelo jumps in the air and swings at the Shredder. He simply moves to the side and throws him to the ground. Shredder swings at Michaelangelo, who is still on the ground. He misses, every swing hitting the hard roof causing sparks to shoot from Shredders sharp wrist plates so close to Michaelangelo’s head. Mikey gets the Shredder off the top of him, however on his way up the Shredder lands a crushing kick to the chest of Michaelangelo which leaves him gasping for breath.

            Donatello is no longer timid and runs in to defend his best friend. He swings his bow at the Shredder’s feet knocking him on his back. The Shredder, however, quickly jumps straight back on his feet from his back. He back hands Donatello with his wrist coupled weapon. The purple-masked turtle tries to move, but is not quick enough, he is left unable to move his bloody arm.

            “FINALLY!!! It’s my turn!” yells Raph. He runs in, sais in the air, heart pounding. He tries to make quick work of the Shredder and plunges his weapon straight at his chest. The Shredder cannot be so easily dealt with however. He blocks the motion with his ever- effective wrist plates. Raphael spins and jabs at his leg, it is yet again blocked. The Shredder does a spin move of his own and trips the brash mutant. The Shredder is now feeling cocky and waits for Raphael to stand. Raphael is embarrassed and angry. He lunges toward the Shredder with his knee high and his arms spread wide open to maintain his balance. The Shredder sees the opening and strikes a punch straight to the throat. It is the last punch Raphael will ever take. The razor sharp spikes above the Shredder’s hands pierce the throat of Raphael, blood runs everywhere as Shredder steps away from the now gurgling, soon-to-be-corpse.

            “NOOO!!!!” screams Leonardo. Every good memory, every nice feeling, everything that would every make Leonardo soft immediately leaves his body and is replaced with hate and vengeance. Leonardo does not rush however, he remains calm, letting the hate boil inside of him.

            Michaelangelo wants to rejoin the fight now, Leonardo tells him to tend to Donatello. That’s where he is most needed. He obeys his orders.

            The Shredder and Leonardo circle each other. It begins to rain the warmest rain one has ever felt. It almost burns the skin. The clank clank of the rain hitting all of Shredders metal is the only sound to be heard.

            The Shredder is not used to this from the turtles, so he decides to make the first move. He runs at the now-hateful leader fist raised high. He lunges at the ninja who has already moved and is swinging his sword at the metal-laden wrist plate. The Shredder’s hand goes down as he runs past Leonardo and he feels a huge two-toed food slam into his back as he falls to the ground. He quickly gets back to his feet and speaks to the green warrior.

            “You have no chance, I have beaten your brothers. What makes you any different?”

            Leonardo has no response other than to grip his swords tighter. Shredder strikes again. This time Leonardo does not move. However he is able to block the quick-moving left hand of Shredder. He responds with the swing of a sword. The Shredder makes a block of his own. Swing block, swing block, swing block. The back and forth goes on for what seems like hours. The two ninjas are fatigued. Neither show any sign of it to the other.

            Michaelangelo has now taken Donatello back to the comfort of the sewer so Splinter can stitch him up, hoping to return to one brother still alive.

            The Shredder is running out of energy and is desperate. He lunges at Leonardo as if to spear him, but Leonardo thrusts the sword in his right hand down and knocks the Shredder’s helmet off. The Shredder lie face down at the feet of Leonardo, pathetically trying to pick himself up. Leonardo steps to the side and waits for the Shredder to get on his hands and knees. Shredder finally makes it, however he does not stay there for long as Leonardo drops one of his katanas and raises the other in the air with both hands. Leonardo brings it down swiftly and strongly, decapitating the Shredder. His head rolls and his body drops, twitching for a few seconds before it lays motionless.

            Leonardo picks up the lifeless body of his beloved brother and throws it over his left shoulder, bending down once more to pick up the bloody head of the Shredder. He makes his way back to the sewer and lays his brother to rest on the family’s couch. He then takes the Shredder’s head out from underneath his arm, bows at the feet of Splinter and gives it to him as an offering. “Forgive me Father.”

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