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TMNT Cards - Movie 1 Box

TMNT Movie 1
(Collector Box)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Title Card
Master Splinter
Reporter April O'Neil
Crimefighter Casey Jones
Danny Pennington
The Shredder
Chief Sterns
Crime-Crazed City!
Phantom Rescuers
"Underground" Heroes!
A Respectful Bow
Master Of The Sewer Den
"And Remember ... No Anchovies!"
Hungry Mike
Just Hangin'!
Turtle Soul Food!
Raphael Under Cover!
The Masked Vigilante
Casey In Action!
"Who's The Champ, Pal?"
"Tough Rocks, Raphael!"
April's Boss In A Snit
Watching From Below
Fencing With O'Neil
April In A Jam!
Courage Of April
Subway Assault!
Decked By The "Foot"!
Raphael To The Rescue!
One Dangerous Dude!
Airborne Hero!
Stepping On The "Foot"!
April Gets Carried Away
Pursued By The Enemy
Back From Oblivion
Furry Friend Or Foe?
Startled By Splinter
Pow-Wow In the Sewer!
Splinter's Story
Mutant Turtle Baby!
Through A Sewer Darkly
Up, Up And Away!
Coming Up In The World
April's Pad
Unusual Houseguest
Distant Cousins?
A Frozen Pizza Party!
Their First Human Friend
The Sewer Den ... Trashed!
"Where's Master Splinter?!"
The Rat Man Manacled!
Tatsu And His Evil "Foot"
Approach Of The Evil One
Master Of Plunder!
Danny Is Nabbed!
Dejected Heroes
April On The Air
Watch Out Behind You ...!
Spotted By Casey!
Against The "Foot" Army!
Utterly Outnumbered!
Check Out The Tube!
Raphael Holds His Own!
Fine Place For A Nap!
April's Guided Tour
The O'Neil Junk Store
Topsy-Turvey Turtle!
Special Delivery!
Creeps From On High!
Crashing April's Party
Protecting Raphael
Fighting For Their Lives!
The Battle Rages On!
The Apartment -- Invaded!
"Let's Split!"
Escape From New York
Tatsu's Failure
An Evil Reprimand
Reaching Out To Danny
"I Will Listen, My Son!"
Bathtub Vigil
Casey -- Mr. Fix-It!
"It'll Never Work!"
Raphael Revives!
Raph's Gonna Be Okay!
Brotherly Love, Turtle-Style!
What To Do Next ...?
In Tune with The Infinite
Message From Beyond
The New Fighting Method!
Tuning Up!
Ready for A Rematch!
"It's Time To Go Back!"
Danny ... Ally Or Spy?
"Kill Splinter!"
Surprise For The "Foot"!
The Soprano Make Strikes!
"Shelling" It Out!
The Battle with Tatsu
Armed And Anxious!
A Foot For The "Foot"!
Turtle Power!
Rooftop Assault!
The Shredder Pours It On!
"We Got A Problem Here!"
The Face Of Oroku
Saki On The Rampage!
Outwitted By splinter!
The Final Confrontation
The Shredder's Great Fall
Dying ... without Honor!
The Victor
"Thank You, My Children!"
Father And Son Reunited
The Birth Of Cowabunga
April O'Neil ... Signing Off!
He Loves Being A Turtle!
Until Next Crime ...!
Clowning With Leonardo (Behind the Scenes)
The Comics Come To Life! (Behind the Scenes)
Preparing For "Battle" (Behind the Scenes)
Shooting Splinter (Behind the Scenes)
Last Minute Costume Check (Behind the Scenes)
The Gang's All Here! (Behind the Scenes)
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