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Codename Chameleon 03-09-2002 11:31 PM

Hey there, I'd like to commend you on what an excellent job you're doing with your site. Really cool 3D stuff, and it's too bad about those eps having to be taken down.

I'd like to contribute in some way, and I noticed that you're still working on the Archie comics section. I'm a huge fan of the series, and currently have all but four of the 72 issue run (and I believe all the specials and spinoffs, except for one or two issues of Mighty Mutanimals). My scanner will be running soon, perhaps I could do some scans for the site? I'd also be able to do some summaries, etc...maybe sequencing the backup series like "It Started in Chinatown" and Megadeath? Let me know!

- Phil
Codename: Chameleon

SPEEd 03-10-2002 10:53 AM is my favorite website for TMNT. It's off the hook looking at the site.

SPEEd 03-10-2002 10:55 AM

I really like the Eastman and Lairds TMNT section so I can read what the comic is all about. I have 2 Eastman and Lairds TMNT, and I read the summary and it was very accurate

Vegita-San 04-09-2002 12:58 PM

Nope, didn't see the original message, but did get the email and just hadn't replied to it...

Hmm, I could use some assistance with the cover scans. Think it would be too much to ask to scan all of the Archie Covers? I'd rather do the summaries myself, since I havn't read 94% of them.


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Codename Chameleon 04-09-2002 09:53 PM

No problem. I actually wouldn't mind scanning COMEPLETE ISSUES of the entire series, actually. I just got a huge lot of TMNT comics I ordered, so now I'm missing only three issues, and two of those are the last two printed 71 and 72. Therefore, there can be a (mostly) uninterrupted storyline. The only other issue I need is #41, as well as Mighty Mutanimals Miniseries #2 &amp; 3 and regular series #9.

P.S. If anyone has these comics to trade, or wants to buy any (I have a TON of surplus now =) ), I can be reached at

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