January 2003

More TMNT Tidbits!
Posted Sunday, January 26, 2003, 3:53 PM CST by Azure Turtle
Well, after having my internet down for two days thanks to that new worm floating around, I'm finally able to post some long overdue news.

The Official TMNT Website updated their Sneak Peek page and added the list of voice actors for the new cartoon. Samples of the voices are available.

Peter Laird's Blast From the Past has also been updated. Check out Blast From the Past #67 to see a flyer from the 1992 Portsmouth Turtlecon. Peter added some very interesting news at the end of his latest Blast from the Past column. It seems like the Hallmark mini-series is finally going into full production, and Peter got to see the second episode of the new cartoon as well. He thoroughly enjoyed it, which is probably a good sign!

Konami's work on the newest TMNT videogame is getting some nice exposure over at Gamespot. They have a few early screenshots, as well as a trailer that displays some of the backgrounds to be used in the game. Click here for all the details.

A new TMNT comic series to be done by Dreamwave has been confirmed by several sources. Peter Laird confirmed Dreamwave's involvement in the letters section of TMNT #7, and Wizard Magazine confirmed Peter David (Young Justice, Aquaman) as the writer and Pat Lee (Transformers G1) as the artist. Also, make sure to check out Peter David's Official Site and read his thoughts and reactions to working on the new TMNT comic series.

The Fox Box Website has added new goodies to their TMNT Section. You can view the entire intro sequence for the cartoon, and you can also enter the "Who's that Turtle?" sweepstakes. Remember, only kids 18 and under are allowed to participate.

The Fox Box morning block has been hyping up the February 8th premiere of the TMNT. If you missed any of the clips or advertisements, make sure to visit The Ninja Turtles Network to see them. Don't forget to thank NTN's webmaster, theshredder!

[Special thanks to Karpo, Ninjatron, Machias Banshee, theshredder, and Dark Turtle for the info!]

More Turtle Developments!
Posted Monday, January 13, 2003, 1:31 AM CST by Azure Turtle
Wow! Seems like TMNT tidbits are a dime a dozen nowadays. Exciting, ain't it?

Joel from CyberSewer.com reports that the entire set of the first wave of TMNT action figures can be found on Amazon.com. If you're having trouble finding any of the new toys, check out what Amazon has to offer.

On the subject of toys, all of the series one TMNT toys are officially out on store shelves. Sightings of action figures, vehicles, and the roleplay weapons have been reported at Target, Wal Mart, K-Mart, Kay Bee Toys, and Toys 'R Us.

The Official TMNT Website has been busily providing fans with updates regarding the new cartoon. Visit the Sneak Peek page to see animation storyboards.

The introduction for the upcoming animated series has also been posted at the Official Site. Click here to see it. Be warned that the download time is very slow. If that doesn't work, forum member Karpo_007 has kindly converted the intro into a DIVX file. Visit this thread to view it. Make sure to thank Karpo while you're there.

The Fox Box has been heavily promoting the TMNT cartoon throughout its Saturday morning block. Live vignettes, entitled "News Fakes," were present throughout yesterday's programming. The News Fakes featured eye witnesses who saw four giant turtles beat up ninjas and the Purple Dragon Gang. Fox Box also began promoting TMNT contests, and the intro plus the theme song is rumored to be airing this coming Saturday. Make sure to tune in!

[Special thanks to Joel, Krang, and Karpo for the scoop!]

New RPG Art, Fan Art
Posted Saturday, January 11, 2003, 8:17 PM CST by Krang
I put up some new RPG Art by Kyabetsu today. Check it out in our Fan Art section!

Also, I put up five new pieces of fan art. You can also check these out in the Fan Art section. Thanks to ChibiKasai and Emelie for sending them in!

Turtles Everywhere!
Posted Sunday, January 5, 2003, 11:29 PM CST by Azure Turtle
Hey turtle fans! Sorry for the lack of news lately, but the holiday season is always a busy one for me. Anyway, there's a lot of TMNT tidbits, especially with the buzz surrounding the new cartoon.

The 5" TMNT action figures have been spotted around the US in Wal Mart and KB Toys. The giant 12" figures have only been seen in KB Toys thus far, while the vehicles have been spotted at Wal Mart. Good luck in your search!

TMNT #7 hit store shelves late December. Make sure to pick up a copy for your collection.

The Official TMNT Website has posted episode synopses for the new 'toon. Take a look only if you don't mind spoilers!

The commercials for the new TMNT toys have also been posted on the official site. The download time is a little slow, however.

Dan "the Man" Berger has added some videogame news to the Fan Forum page. It seems like we'll be receiving new TMNT videogames for the PS2 and GameBoy Advance, thanks to Konami. The target release date is sometime in December, 2003.

Peter Laird updated his Blast from the Past. Check out a sketch featuring Leonardo and Frostbyte.

The official website of Playmates Toys has opened up a section featuring all of the TMNT toys being released right now. Click here to see the turtle goodies.

Before I go, make sure to keep your eyes open for the grand debut of the new TMNT cartoon on February 8! The official timeslot hasn't been decided yet, but it's rumored to be on at 9:30 or 10:00 in the morning.

[Special thanks to Skeletoncrew and tOkKa too for info!]

New Poll, December Poll Results, New Site
Posted Saturday, January 4, 2003, 2:14 AM CST by Krang
A new poll for January is up! This new poll asks which of the listed TMNT vehicles you would most like to ride in. Be sure to vote at the top of this page!

Also, the results for the December poll are in! The Turtle Van was voted your favorite good guy toy accessory with 106 votes (40%). The Pizza Thrower came in second with 57 votes (21%), and the Turtle Blimp and the Sewer Playset tied for third place with 47 votes each (18%). For the full results of this poll and all other previous polls, click the Previous Polls link below the current poll.

Also, if you're a fan of the anime series The Big O, check out Shredder's and my new Big O fan site: Paradigm City!

Posted Wednesday, January 1, 2003, 1:07 AM CST by Krang
Happy New Year!

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