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The Secrets of Pro Wrestling Exposed
by Scott Oliverson

Author's Note: This fanfic-article is taken from the NBC special back in the 90s where for the first time wrestlers reveal all the secrets or behind the scenes of what goes on in the world of professional wrestling hardcore-style! Here are the characters used in the storyline to expose the secrets...they are...

Leonardo - Ninja Turtle Leader
Jackie Chan - Stuntman Adventurer
Donatello - Ninja Turtle Fix-It-Man
El Toro - Masked Luchador Wrestler
Raphael - Ninja Turtle Wildboy
Tohru - Sumo Wrestler
Michaelangelo - Ninja Turtle Party Dude
Ninjara - Vixen Samurai
Viper - Secret Agent
Rash - BattleToad Friend To The Ninja
Zitz - BattleToad Friend To The Turtles
Pimple - BattleToad Friend To The Turtles

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

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