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TMNT Cards - TMNT Series 2

Collector Edition Tote Pack

Our Story Opens
Pulling The Switch
Usagi Yojimbo
The Tortoise And The Hare
Defeated By Donatello
A New Caper
Turtles Undercover
Hare Today, Gone Today
Rabbit About Town
Rabbit Transit
Welcome To The Hutch
Rabbit Rampage
Turtles To The Rescue
Studying The Screen
The Plot Heats Up!
Quakes And Shakes
Enter The Dragon
Flaming Fangs
The Dragon Master
A Possible Solution
A Magic Candle
An Old Flame
Defeating The Dragon
Usagi Triumphs
Praise From Shredder
A Monster Egg
Obento's Thanks
A Hare Out of Place
A New Problem
No Pain, No Fame
TV Time
Dig This
Worried Turtles
Return Of The Fly
Buzzing Baxter
Fly Trap
Angry Krang
A Gift From A Fly
Follow The Fly
Heading For Their Hide-Out?
Back To The Sewer!
Gearing Up
Sewer Surfing
Without A Paddle
Sinister Surfers
Goons And Harpoons
Down Goes Donatello!
Taking The Plunge
The Last Of The Turtles?
Donatello's Discovery
Paddling Pals
A Shortcut
A Piece Of The Rock
A Familiar Place
Home Of The Fly
Man Into Fly
Fly Vs. Turtles
Ninja Gerbil!
A Reluctant Rodent
A Buzzing Boss
Saving Michaelangelo
Dancin' Bebop
Will The Fly Flee?
Turtle And Gerbil
Getting Bugged
No Time To Lose!
Conquering The Computer
Not So Fast, Fly!
Who's In The Suits?
Insect Aside
Down The Tube!
Chefs Of The Future
Too Many Cooks
The Kitchen Of Doom!
Chop Chop!
A Turtle Once More!
Speeding Turtles
A Shaky Situation
A Finale For The Fly?
The Missing Piece
Not Quite Shipshape
Bye Bye Fly!
Pretty Please
Back Home Again
Saved by Science!


Michaelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo
Rocksteady & Bebop
Donatello with Camera
Baxter The Fly
April O'Neil And Archaeologist
What is your favorite way to enjoy your TMNT fandom?
Watching the TV shows/movies
253 Votes 50%
Reading the comics
102 Votes 20.2%
Creating TMNT fan works
20 Votes 4%
Collecting TMNT merchandise
76 Votes 15%
Interacting with other TMNT fans
17 Votes 3.4%
Playing TMNT games
38 Votes 7.5%
Total Votes: 506
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