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TMNT Cards - Movie 3

TMNT Movie 3

The Sacred Scroll Of Death
Radical Reporter April O'Neil
Teacher Of The Turtles
Warlord From The Past
A Ruthless Englishman
The Rebel Leader
A Traitor To The Cause
Brought Before The Warlord!
A Disgrace To The Daimyo
Let's Make A Deal
Turtle Time!
Why Do We Bother?
Gifts For The Guys
An Antique Japanese Egg Timer?
A Weird Light...
Where Did April Go?
Is April A Witch?
The Old Time Switch Trick
Walker Is Suspicious
Casey Jones, Baby Sitter
Behind Bars!
Let's Hit It, Dudes!
The Mysterious Scepter
Those Are No Priests
In the Midst Of Battle
Bad Horsey!
What Happened To Mikey?
Attacked By The Rebels!
The Art Of Ninja
The Scepter Is Missing!
Into The Castle
A Dirty Rescue
Don't Let Them Roast Me!
The Turtles Meet The Rebels
What Are Those Turtles, Anyway?
Village On Fire!
Find The Scepter!
Face To Face with Walker
Yoshi Is Trapped!
Can Yoshi Be Saved?
this Is The Life
No Luck!
Donatello's Plan
Samurai Hockey Players
Mikey Makes A Snack
A Lesson From Raphael
Take Me To New York
The Substitute Scepter
A Yo-Yo For Yoshi
The Scepter Is Back
Give Me The Scepter
An Audience With The Daimyo
Death To The Daimyo!
Walker And Whit, Partners!
The Demons Can Be Hurt!
Clashing Swords!
The Daimyo Defeated!
He's Got April!
The Turtles Are Ready!
Shoot Them!
I'll Shoot Them Myself!
Ding Dong - Cannonball Calling!
Walker Tries To Escape
Time To Go, Guys!
No Time For Arguments!
Yo, Dudes!
Home, Sweet Home
Now York! We Love It!
Leonardo On Horseback Gallery
Leonardo In Mist Gallery
Raphael And Mountain Gallery
Mikey with Nunchucks Gallery
Raphael And Shrine Gallery
Turtles And Girl Gallery
Leonardo And Samurai Gallery
Kicking Donatello Gallery
Raphael At Night Gallery
Mikey vs. the Daimyo (with April) Gallery
Donatello with Arrows Gallery
Donatello on Bridge Gallery

(There are 2 sets of backs for the puzzle pieces. The front sticker is the same.)

Sticker 1
Sticker 1
Sticker 2
Sticker 2
Sticker 3
Sticker 3
Sticker 4
Sticker 4
Sticker 5
Sticker 5
Sticker 6
Sticker 6
Sticker 7
Sticker 7
Sticker 8
Sticker 8
Sticker 9
Sticker 9
Sticker 10
Sticker 10
Sticker 11
Sticker 11
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