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    Re: When will the technodrome be brought back to earth?

    Posted by Lana on 10/18/2001, 7:33 am , in reply to "Re: When will the technodrome be brought back to earth?"

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    : It WAS under dublin instead of swenson.
    : Dublin apparently replaced
    : swenson.
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    : In the final episode, I remember that
    : the technodrome was stuck in
    : dimension-x and krang and shreddar
    : were stuck on earth. Krang's rock
    : soldiers got the technodrome free
    : from the black hole that it was
    : stuck in. Later, the turtles got
    : to the technodrome and destroyed
    : the engines. A giant plant monster
    : grabbbed the technodrome and krang
    : said,"I rue the day I met
    : those blasted turtles!". The
    : technodrome got pulled upside down
    : and landed on the ground, eye
    : first. That was the last episode I
    : had ever seen made. Never once did
    : I see the technodrome destroyed.
    : Knowing shreddar and krang, they
    : could no doubt find a way to
    : repair the engines and create a
    : portal to earth large enough to
    : get the technodrome through. I
    : remember that season well because
    : in every episode the sky was red
    : and shreddar's voice was
    : different. The show wasn't under
    : Dublin instead of swenson. And did
    : anybody remember the new episodes
    : they had on fox a few years ago.
    : There were ones with shreddar's
    : mother and the energy collector
    : that krang stole from another
    : dimension that was like $19.95?
    : :


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