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    Re: Last episodes

    Posted by Lord Vega on 5/21/2001, 10:59 am , in reply to "Re: Last episodes"

    Sorry Krang, but I have to correct you...
    The "last battle" of the turtles against Shredder and Krang was on the episode "TURTLE TREK".
    The turtles defeated
    Shredder (well, kinda), destroyed the Technodrome's ENGINES (not the Technodrome itself), beated Bebop and Rocksteady and entered the portal back to earth, then a mysterious plant (with some tentacles) pushed the technodrome to a big hole and... cablam! That was the last time the turtles really fought against Shredder.
    We never know how they took the technodrome out of that hole.... because in the last ep "Divide And Conquer" it's on the top of a hill totally destroyed.
    And the most strange thing is that the portal was still working, so why shredder and krang couldn't come back to earth?
    And on the episode Turtle Trek, the technodrome was in perfect state compared with the "Plan 6 to outer Space" episode.

    --Previous Message--
    : In the last season, Krang and Shredder
    : got sent back to Dimension X and
    : the Technodrome was destroyed,
    : stranding them there. They
    : returned for a few episodes, but
    : were sent back once again.


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